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The Registration "Youth Indoor League" is not currently available.

Youth Indoor League

The Youth Indoor League is an "in-house" recreational soccer program for youth players  between the ages of 8 and 14.  Boys and Girls divisions are offered, and players of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. 

The focus of the league is to provide youth soccer players with additional playing opportunities in the winter months where they can have fun, learn more about soccer, and improve their skills and confidence on the field.

There are no team practices in Youth Indoor League, only games.  Games are played on Sunday afternoons (or early Sunday evenings) between January and March.

Games are played under the following format:

  • Game Length - 40 minutes (two 20 minute halves)
  • 5 vs 5  (4 field players + GK)
  • Magic FC club Futsal rules in effect (see document below)

Players and parents are encouraged to organize their own teams, but individuals wanting to play who do not have a team are welcome to sign up as "unattached/free agent" players.


2021 Winter Season

  • The Winter Indoor Youth League will play 8 match weeks in the 2021 season.
  • There will be three age groups this season:  U9-U10,    U11-U12,    U13-U14
  • Each age group will have a Girls and a Boys division, for a total of six divisions in the league.
  • Depending on participation levels, some divisions may merge into coed format if necessary.  Any teams that have registered for a specific division will be consulted prior to any merging taking place.  If the new division format is not agreeable, you will have the option of dropping out with a full refund.
  • Each team should have a parent coach present on the sideline each game, to provide guidance, encouragement, and to manage substitutions.

Season Details:

  • Start Date: January 3rd
  • End Date:  Feb 28th, March 7th, or March 14th  (to be determined)
  • Each team plays 8 games
  • Game Times: Between 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM
  • Roster Size: 8 player minimum
  • All league games will be refereed
  • Cost: $70 per player or $560 per team
  • Deadline to register is Sunday, December 27

Match Days (Sunday):

  • January 3
  • January 10 
  • January 17
  • January 24
  • January 31
  • February 14
  • February 21  (Pending - possible scheduling conflicts)
  • February 28
  • March 7 (makeup day if necessary)
  • March 14 (makeup day if necessary)

Game Times and Location:

All winter 2021 league games will be played at Sanford Power or the Fore Seasons Golf Dome.

Listed below is the estimated time and location that each specific age group is expected to play.  However, due to unknown registration numbers and facility usage needs, actual times may be subject to change as the season gets closer.  Final schedules will not be announced until after the registration session is completed. 

  • U9/U10 Girls and Boys -  3:00 PM to 5:00 PM @ Sanford Power
  • U11/U12 Girls and Boys - 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM @ Fore Seasons Dome
  • U13/U14 Girls and Boys - 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM @ Fore Seasons Dome

Game Format:

  • 5 vs 5 Futsal (Four field players + GK)
  • Two 20 minute halves
  • Magic FC club Futsal rules in effect (see document below)

COVID-19 Rules for Spectators

Parents and guardians will be allowed into the facility to watch Youth League games this season.  However, the following policies will be expected to be followed to maintain compliance with the safety guidelines of the State and the playing facilities.

1. Limit Crowd Sizes

For each player, we are requesting that only the immediate parents or guardians come to watch the games.  This means no more than two spectators per player, but ideally only one parent should attend to minimize crowd sizes.

2. Wear a Mask

All spectators must wear a mask while they are watching games. 

Players should wear a mask while in the building lobby, or when suiting up for the games off field.  Once players are on the field playing or warming-up, they can play without a mask on.

3. Spread Out / Distancing

Parents will be allowed to watch outside of the main spectator/bleacher area.  By allowing parents to stand near the fields to watch the games, we hope to avoid crowding issues around the bleachers and to successfully implement some social distancing. 

We would like small groups of roughly 4 people to watch from each corner area of the field.  In these corner areas, parents should be able to spread out without interfering with gameplay.  The remaining spectators can then watch from the bleachers (and possibly the balcony) without experiencing overcrowding.

See the field map below for an example of spectator areas near the field.

4. Allow Groups to Transition Between Games

There will be a 10-15 minute buffer between each round of games.  During this time, each group should have sufficient opportunity to transition on/off the field without creating traffic jams in the lobby and field areas.

If a team is waiting to take the field to warm-up, please let the team from the previous game completely leave the area before moving on.   There should be open spaces around the batting cages and putting greens where the team's can distance while waiting for the previous teams to exit.

These rules will be subject to change as the season progresses.  Depending on how things evolve, they could be relaxed or become more restrictive.  We will not have someone going around acting as the COVID police, so we are asking that everyone does their part to comply with the guidelines that are necessary to keep everyone safe and allow us to have a soccer season this winter.

Fore Seasons Dome Field Map

Fore Seasons Dome Field Map

Free Agent Players

Players wanting to participate in league but who do not currently have a team are encouraged to register individually. 

League organizers will make every effort to place you on a team in the division of your choice, however please keep in mind that when registering individually we cannot guarantee entry, as there are sometimes constraints that will prevent placement on other rosters.