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Fall & Winter Indoor Competitive Travel 

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The Fall & Winter Travel Program is aimed at boys and girls aged from 8 to 19 years. All of the players of this program will train 2-3 days per week and play competitive games on weekends.    

All travel tournaments are optional. You will receive a link to register for each season's tournaments during the winter and summer in a separate registration session.  The link to register for specific tournaments will be emailed to all registered competitive players prior to the indoor and outdoor seasons, and your team manager will also remind you.

This registration session will allow you to provide parent contact and player medical information, acquire a US Club Soccer player card, complete and acknowledge all US Club Soccer and Magic Soccer FC waivers and policies, select your participation level(s) within competitive travel, and submit payment.

Age divisions are determined by birthyear within US Club Soccer. Please refer to the US Club Soccer Birth Year and Season Matrix to verify you are selecting the appropriate age division within the registration module.  Players who anticipate they'll be "playing up" should still select the age division corresponding to their birthdate within the age matrix, and coaches will make a determination to move players up to another division after registration and tryouts.

Magic Soccer FC has a "no refund" policy, therefore this registration will not be refunded upon completion, so please try to be certain of your plans to participate before choosing program options.  There are certain exceptions where refunds will be issued, and you can check the refund webpage for details.


All registered competitive players who intend to play in any competition must have a US Club Soccer player card and insurance. As part of this registration, you will be able to complete the necessary process to acquire a player card.

The player card is valid for the US Club Soccer seasonal year (August thru July), which covers our indoor and outdoor seasons.  Typically, players will acquire cards for the indoor season, and then they are still good throughout the outdoor season.  However, they then expire and need to be renewed for the next US Club Soccer calendar year.

If you do not have a player card you cannot be on the official roster and participate in any games!

The vast majority of players will need to complete this step during this registration.  However, there may be some edge case scenarios where a player card is not required such as:

  • A player who is transferring to Magic Soccer FC from another club going into the outdoor season, where the transferring player has already acquired a player card via a different club within the current US Club calendar year. That existing card is still valid and may be transferred to us. Please contact Elana to have her make arrangements for your existing player card to be transferred to Magic Soccer FC as your primary/home club.
  • If your player initially registered for fall/winter "Indoor" season only, but has had a change of plans and wishes to now participate in the spring/summer "outdoor" season too.  If that player competed in any winter indoor tournaments, their existing player card on file is still good and can be re-used. You will not need to re-acquire one.

Players will need to upload proof of birth (birth certificate. passport, or government ID) as part of the player card registration process.  Additionally, they will need to provide a headshot photo for their player card.  While US Club Soccer rules are obviously not as strict as an official US Passport, it's still recommended you follow the general guidelines for a passport style photo when supplying the player's headshot, so as to avoid issues with acceptance and approval.  Simple things like the photo should be in color, taken recently, removing headwear or eyewear, not using filters, having someone else take the photo (no selfies), using a plain background, including just the players face from shoulders and above in the photo, cropping/sizing the photo to appropriate dimensions, etc.

If you have acquired a player card with Magic Soccer FC in previous seasons, and have not transferred to another club, we have your existing birth certificate and headshot photo on file.  We will continue to use these documents during annual renewals, unless you provide us with new copies in this registration.  Therefore, the birth certificate and player photo fields are left as optional on the registration, but keep in mind they are mandatory for any new players who are getting a player card for the first time.



PAY ONLINE IN FULL:  Submit total fees online today upon conclusion of this registration session via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account.

4 INSTALLMENT INDOOR SEASON PAYMENT PLAN (Half-year, indoor season only):  25% of the season registration fee is due up front today upon completion of this registration. The remainder of the fees are then divided into 4 equal installments across the fall/winter "indoor" sub-season. Each installment payment will be automatically debited from the SAME ACCOUNT at scheduled payment dates.

3 INSTALLMENT OUTDOOR SEASON PAYMENT PLAN (Half-year, outdoor season only):  25% of the season registration fee is due up front today upon completion of this registration. The remainder of the fees are then divided into 3 equal installments across the spring/summer "outdoor" sub-season. Each installment payment will be automatically debited from the SAME ACCOUNT at scheduled payment dates.

8 INSTALLMENT PAYMENT PLAN (Full year only, indoor and outdoor seasons):  25% of the season registration fee is due up front today upon completion of this registration. The remainder of the fees are then divided into 8 equal installments across the entire US Club seasonal year. Each installment payment will be automatically debited from the SAME ACCOUNT at scheduled payment dates.  This payment option should be used only for players who are pre-registering for BOTH the indoor and outdoor seasons and plan to participate for the entire US Club calendar year. You may not choose to delay payments by misaligning the scheduled payment timeframes with your actual participation in soccer activities.  For example, if you choose "indoor season only", then you cannot use the payment plan that covers the entire calendar year or the summer season only, where your indoor season payment dates would be scheduled in April/June/July.  Admins will contact you and adjust your scheduled payment dates to align with the season you're actually participating in if this occurs.

Payment Options will be available for selection on the Shopping Cart Page.

*If you wish to use a different account to pay the balance, please log in to your SportsEngine account BEFORE the scheduled day of payment to update your account information.


  • DATES & PRICE:  

9U-10U Boys & Girls

           - Full season April 25 - July 16 ($359+ 3% processing fee)

          -  Half season 1   April 25 - June 11th $215 (email us to request) 

          -  Half season 2  June 13th - July 16th $215 (email us to request) 

11U-19U Boys

             - Season Full season April 25 - July 16 ($359+ 3% processing fee)

13U-14U Girls

             - Season -May 16 - July 16 ($220 + 3% processing fee)

                                     *** will start after the middle school season

15U-19U Girls

             - Season June - July 16 ($215+ 3% processing fee)

                                         *** will start after the high school season

* Payment Plan available  

  • Training Schedule 

     - U9-12 Boys and Girls: Tuesdays & Thursdays Time: TBD

     - U13-U19 Boys and Girls: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays Time: TBD

  • Features:  
  1. Team Levels:  A, B, C 
  2. Travel to tournaments plus local games
  • Games

         - Local Inter-squad Games, and instate jamboree 

           - Tournaments :  *** All games / tournaments are optional


  • Dates: 

               - Mid November - Mid March (14-16 weeks)

                - 1st Half - November - January  *Only for U9-10 players

                -  2nd Half - January - March *Only for U9-10 players

  • Price:

                      U9-U10 (2016-2014)

                      - Half season (7-8 weeks) $ 215 + 3% (email admin)

                      - Full season (14-16 weeks) $359  + 3% processing fees

                     U11-U19 (2013-2005)

                       -  Full season (14-16 weeks) $359 admin fee + 3% processing fees

* Payment Plan available for all season

  • Features:  
  1. Team Levels:  A, B, C 
  2.  Players must tryout
  3. All Tournaments are optional
  • Games

         - Local Games at the MYL (Magic Youth League)

Optional tournaments

              - Sioux Falls - Dec 1-3 (boys)

              - Williston Dec 15-17

              - Fargo - Dec 1-3 (girls)

              - Minot (State Cup) Jan 5-7

               - Sioux Falls - Feb 2-4 (Girls)

                -Fargo _ Feb 2-4 (Boys)

                - Bismarck (Frosty Cup) February 16-18

                - Bismarck (Santa Copa) March 1-3

More info please email 

  • Magic Soccer FC Jamborees (Local games)

            - January - Bismarck, ND

* All games / tournaments are optional