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Announcement - Press Release

By Magic Soccer Media, 12/18/23, 1:30PM CST


Two Magic Soccer F.C Players embark on a new chapter in their soccer careers as they join the prestigious European Steven Gerrard Academy in Ireland in January 2024.


Date: December 18, 2023

In an exciting turn of events for Magic Soccer FC, two of its promising young talents are set to embark on a new chapter in their soccer careers as they join the prestigious European Steven Gerrard Academy in Ireland in January 2024. The move marks a significant milestone for both the players and the club, solidifying their commitment to nurturing emerging soccer stars.

The two players in question, center defender/midfielder Abel Cramer and forward David Jankoviak, have been standout performers for Magic Soccer FC's youth teams, catching the attention of scouts and academies alike. The Steven Gerrard Academy, renowned for its commitment to developing top-tier soccer talent, will provide the perfect platform for these budding athletes to hone their skills under the guidance of experienced coaches and mentors.

The Steven Gerrard Academy, with a mission to provide aspiring young footballers with access to academy-standard programs, offers a platform for a fulfilling career within the global football industry, valued in the billions. Beyond football, SGA aims to develop players holistically, preparing them for life beyond the pitch by creating an environment where they can live, study, and play alongside international peers.

Abel Cramer, known for his exceptional vision on the field and precise passing, expressed his enthusiasm about the upcoming journey. "Joining the Steven Gerrard Academy, with living in Bismarck, North Dakota, couldn’t be done without the help of Magic Soccer F.C. The coaches and the good environment Magic have to offer, I couldn't thank them enough. Magic has brought so much room for soccer to grow in Bismarck and to help me achieve my goals and dreams of a soccer career by providing a place to play soccer and to be competitive.”

In the radiant tapestry of Abel Cramer's journey with Magic Soccer, the unwavering pillars of encouragement and support are his esteemed parents, the honorable Kevin Cramer, current US Senator, and the gracious Kris Cramer. Their commitment to Abel's passion for the sport is truly remarkable, amidst the bustling corridors of politics and civic responsibilities, Senator Kevin Cramer and Kris Cramer have crafted a narrative of steadfast devotion to their son's athletic pursuits. Their presence at every tournament and match, despite the demanding intricacies of their schedules, stands as a testament to the unwavering bond that weaves the Cramer family together.

Senator Kevin Cramer, a voice for the people, expressed his thoughts on the profound opportunity that Magic Soccer has provided for his son. “Abel has worked hard developing the athletic gifts God has given him. We are proud of him and grateful to Ricardo and the incredible coaches who have trained and encouraged him along the way. We are blessed in Bismarck to have such dedicated professionals and volunteers who commit themselves to the development of character and skills in our kids. None of this would have happened without Magic Soccer F.C.”

David Jankoviak, a prolific goal-scorer, an explosive and a sniper shared similar sentiments. "It's an honor to be a part of the Steven Gerrard Academy. I believe this is the right chance to prove something and get my shot.”  

Magic Soccer FC's youth development program has consistently produced top-quality players over the years, and the club is proud to see two of its own talents making the leap to such a renowned academy. 

The club spokesperson and founder Ricardo Pierre-Louis, a retired professional, commented on the players' departure, saying, “When we set out to establish Magic Soccer F.C a decade ago, our vision was to cultivate players with the prowess to compete on the global stage, securing positions in premier academies worldwide. We understood that geographical boundaries should not limit dreams—whether you're in France, Haiti, or Bismarck. What matters is having a robust system that places emphasis on comprehensive player development. Magic Soccer's success is not merely a result of chance; it is a product of meticulous planning, educationally driven coaching, and a thoughtfully crafted curriculum. Despite the frigid temperatures in our region and the absence of opulent soccer facilities for year-round play, Magic stands out for its ability to maximize available resources. We take pride in being the torchbearer for the sport in our community and achieving milestones from Bismarck, ND. This achievement is a testament to the dedication of individuals like Abel and David, who, from a young age, have poured their passion and hard work into shaping the trajectory of their futures in the sport. Their commitment has not only elevated our club's standing in the region but has also set a precedent for what can be accomplished with determination and resilience. As we celebrate this milestone, it serves as a beacon of motivation for current and future players at Magic Soccer. It's a reminder that, despite our unique challenges, we have the ability to create opportunities, achieve greatness, and serve as an inspiration for aspiring young talents within our community.”

SGA shares a similar process as Magic Soccer F.C. One of the key aspects of SGA is its commitment to encouraging players to compete at the highest level possible. Established links within the footballing community make it possible for players to progress seamlessly from the U17 level through the academy and into higher leagues in the UK and beyond. The academy's track record speaks for itself, with numerous players making successful transitions to professional soccer both in the UK and internationally.

In the process of skill refinement to prepare Abel and David for their entrance into the Steven Gerrard Academy (SGA), guiding this transformative journey is Ryan Okerson, the players’ High School coach at Bismarck Century and current Technical Director of Magic Soccer F.C. When asked about the two players’ ability, Ryan stated: “David is a goal driven, passionate player who is very coachable and always gives 100% to the game and his teammates. He has great foot skills and defends with intensity. When on the ball he is always dangerous going forward into the attack. Abel is a versatile player who can achieve success offensively as well as defensively. His vision on the field is great and he makes good decisions on the ball. Off the ball, he defends patiently and picks his opportunities to win the ball.”

It was not an easy road for the Bismarck players to conquer this opportunity. Henry Moyo, the former collegiate coach and the primary North America recruiter at the Steven Gerard Academy based in Ireland said that 22 players tried out to get into the SGA this winter but only 4 players were selected. Abel and David were part of the four selected players. He expressed his satisfaction. “I am pleased to have identified players from Magic Soccer F.C for SGA. I believe these boys will do well and represent Magic Soccer of Bismarck, ND.”

The move to the Steven Gerrard Academy not only highlights the individual talent of Abel and David but also reflects positively on Magic Soccer FC's commitment to nurturing and promoting young talent. As the players take this significant step in their careers, parents, players and coaches of Magic Soccer eagerly await their progress, anticipating future success at both the academy and potentially on the global soccer stage.

Abel and David will fly out to Ireland to pursue their professional soccer dreams right after Christmas within the first week of January 2024.

The Magic Soccer FC community wishes Abel Cramer and David Jankoviak the best of luck in their endeavors at the Steven Gerrard Academy and looks forward to following their continued success on the soccer field.

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