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About Us

Magic Soccer F.C.

Magic Soccer F.C is an elite youth soccer club in Bismarck, North Dakota. MS F.C offer high level year around programs. Our methodology is player centered and results driven. We take pride in our development. Our playing style is our “toca futbol”.  We cherish skills development. The goal of Magic Soccer F.C is to be the best club in the region, and develop youth players who are capable to compete at the national and international level.

​Magic Soccer was founded in 2014. Ricardo Pierre-Louis a 2008 MLS Champion, our founder, felt the youth in the communities of Bismarck and Mandan should take part more of this beautiful sport, and the  high prestige the sport has already created in other areas of the world. The club was founded to improve skills qualities in youth players in the region, long before the failure of US National in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers and the reformation of  youth soccer development in America. MS FC was also founded to allow ALL kids in Bismarck to play soccer regardless of financial background.

​Through our mission, values, and methodologies we have grown tremendously in the past few years. We have found a lot success in the areas of player development, fair play, social collaboration, parental involvement, and fun in youth soccer in America.

​Magic soccer is an official affiliate of Celtic F.C, a professional club in the Scotland premier league, is rated 3rd in european football ahead of Manchester United and Manchester City. We are also proud Member of  US Club Soccer.

To provide a highly engaged environment where all young soccer players are channeled and inspired to reach their full potential both on and off the field.

To provide an environment aspire all soccer players to achieve their potential development — through professional training, competition and fun — While maintaining our uncompromising principles of life beyond soccer.


  • To provide quality coaching that engages, challenges and inspires young athletes, regardless of previous experience, to reach their highest level in the sport of soccer;
  • To provide a structure and environment where player development is  the vital focus;
  • To provide quality affordable programs where all kids in our community can participate;
  • To provide training sessions that is geared towards allowing the player to act and feel like a professional both on and off the field.
  • To provide a professional organization that operates under responsible monetary policies, and maintain a high level of consistency;
  • To provide an environment where open honest communication between staff, players and parents is encouraged
  • To provide our membership with a high level of customer service that ensures a quality experience;
  • To support our community through soccer;
  • To encourage and provide support allowing our players to serve less fortunate and special-needs youths;
  • To provide a challenging and positive environment , encourage creativity, dedication, open-mindedness, and discipline, while promoting the principles of social and emotional learning;

Celtic Football Club is one of the biggest and best-supported teams in the world. Wearing their iconic green and white hoops, Celtic are instantly recognisable when they play and are renowned for playing attractive football, their passionate fans and their many successes on the field of play.

​They are currently champions of Scotland and regularly compete in the UEFA Champions League, where they recorded one of their most famous victories by defeating FC Barcelona 2-1 at Celtic Park in 2012. Celtic are previous winners of the competition when in 1967 they became the first British team to be crowned Champions of Europe.

​Founded in 1887, the club was formed as a means to alleviate poverty in the East End of Glasgow. The club now boasts 52,000 season ticket holders and millions of fans worldwide. Its stadium, which is also known as “Paradise”, has a capacity of 60,506, making it the second largest club stadium in the UK. The club remains true to its charitable roots via the outstanding work of the Celtic FC Foundation which aids local charities and global appeals.

​Through the Celtic Soccer Academy the club has many official partner clubs across the globe, taking the ethos of talent development, fair play and social interaction through sport into many communities worldwide, teaching kids how to play “The Celtic Way”.